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risk. fail. assess. succeed. repeat.

Hello! Welcome to my website! My name is Ritik and I'm from the Bay Area in California. I am currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences with a Minor in Data Science, Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation, and Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology. My interests lie in between user-focused design and software development.

Last summer, I worked with the iOS mobile development team at Rally Health in San Francisco. This summer, I will be working at Goldman Sachs as an Engineering Analyst in the Services division. Apart from my technical work, I love graphic art, animation, dancing, and running in my free time.

If you like what you see, feel free to reach out to me for Summer 2021 opportunities!

Jacobs Hall Lady Strandbeest Photoshoot

lady strandbeest

Challenged to create a robot that moves without wheels, my partner and I set out to create a Strandbeest prototype (inspired by Theo Jansen's large model) that moved as if it's walking. We built the prototype using a laser cutter, two motors, and a battery pack. Some challenges faced were the friction between the gears and legs (used beeswax) and the weight of the core (we made incisions to the main box to decrease its weight and added another pair of legs for stability). Overall, this was a great engineering project that taught me about prototype iteration as well as problem solving.

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Computer Science 160 UI/UX


Given the prompt to solve a problem using the android platform, my team followed the design process of design, prototype, evaluate, and repeat. We created an application called interviewXL that specifically helps computer science students by providing them with an essential interviewing journey to help them learn how to frame their situational question responses as well as connect with others in the field who have succeeded in similar interviews.

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Personal branding website


Personal branding has always been a goal of mine and this website is an example of me implementing the design principles to create a product. I built this website using vanilla Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. I employed some React during the formulation, but realized it was an extra effort that could be resolved using JS libraries (parallax, particles, etc).

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Berkeley iOS Decal iClass


Charged with developing an iOS application, my team created an iOS app to make attendance tracking and lecturing easier for professors. This app uses the location of the professor in comparison to students to determine whether a student is actually in class or not when signing in for attendance that day and the professor can turn on and off attendance tracking. We were one of the 10 projects selected from 40 teams to showcase our project to UC Berkeley CS professors at the end of the semester to receive critiques and advice.

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Figma choreoX prototype choreographer dancer


This is a project I am currently working on. As a dancer and choreographer, I've found multiple pain points with the current solutions for creating dance formations online, so I'm employing the design process of design, prototype, evaluate, iterate to create a working minimum viable product for my friends in dance teams to use first and hopefully publish to the app store by the end of summer. I am building this tool out using React Native so it can be cross platform (Web, iOS, Android).

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UC Berkeley 3D Modeling and Animation Decal Organization


Over the course of a semester, my team and I storyboarded, planned, modeled, rigged, animated, and produced a 3D animated short, Story of a Pencil. Using the industry standard tools, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Suite, and Pixar's Renderman, we collaborated to build a pencil's perspective on the world with a variety of facial expressions and effects and we showcased our project to the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group at the end of the semester.

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Berkeley CalHacks EasyPay PayPal Prize


For CalHacks 2018, my team created a text-based bot that processes individual and group tests via Natural Language Processing to understand user intents for transferring money via Venmo. We added additional functionality to handle splitting the bill using keywords and a Venmo API we found. We won first place for PayPal's challenge of creating a financing application to help college students manage their money more easily using their API.

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Jacobs Hall Sound Machine Photoshoot

sound machine

Using a simple Arduino board and servo, my teammate and I had to create a machine that creates sound upon the push of a button. Using specific gear ratios when laser cutting the pieces and pulling normal objects to create sound, we build a machine that creates sound due to the marbles in the rotating cylinder along with a xylophone-like structure to hit keys of different length to produce different sounds. Feel free to view our design report below.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Will be working remotely due to COVID-19 on the Services team as an Engineering Summer Analyst.

Summer 2020 Website
Venture Strategy Solutions

Venture Strategy Solutions

Currently the External Vice President for Fall 2020 who is responsible for intracollege marketing and industrial relations as well as managing an organization of 40 members.

Previously outlined projects and managed teams of 4 consultants for HOVER Inc. and Hemptown USA to provide them with actionable recommendations for international expansion, potential acquisitions, and marketing strategies.

Consulted for N3twork and filtered through the iOS App Store to find mobile games for the company to partner with. I also created an internal tool for the company to easily filter for these apps automatically.

Fall 2018 – Present Website
Rally Health

Rally Health

As a Mobile Software Engineering Intern at their San Francisco office, I worked closely with the mobile team using agile project management to release app fixes by monthly app releases. I also upgraded their mobile app framework, performed UI automation tests, and developed a new, companion WatchOS app from scratch for their flagship iOS application.

Summer 2019 Website
BlueStamp Engineering

BlueStamp Engineering

I mentored high school students in Palo Alto to teach them electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science as they built innovative products such as 3D printed hands, remote control robots, etc. As a Junior Instructor, my role was to manage students' webpages to perfect technical documentation and help students with computer science/Arduino-related issues.

Summer 2018 Website

university of california, berkeley coursework

b.s. electrical engineering and computer sciences 2022

computer science

cs188: introduction to artificial intelligence

cs170: efficient algorithms and intractable problems

cs61b: data structures

cs198: iOS swift development

cs70: discrete mathematics and probability theory

cs61a: the structure and interpretation of computer programs

cs162: operating systems and system programming (intended)

data science

statc8: foundations of data science (intended)

datasci100: principles and techniques of data science (intended)

ieor135/290: applied data science with venture applications (intended)


cs160/260: user interface design and development

desinv22: prototyping and fabrication

desinv10: discovering design

desinv21: visual communication & sketching (intended)


ee16a/b: designing information devices and systems

ugba191p: leadership and personal development